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Identity Awareness MUH agent queries



We are currently running IA collector and looking to install MUH agent on our terminal servers.  Something that concerns me in sk164998 is the below line.  Surely this doesn't mean that we should only have the agent installed on 50 term servers or what does this 50 relate to?  Is there a way for the MUH agent to feed into the IA collector and then send the identities that way to save opening up FW rules between all the TS to the GW?  I presume we don't need to update the gateway "allowed-client" list to include the TS as this connectivity is to the GW itself on https?


How many MUHv2 Agents are supported on one Security Gateway?

It is a recommended best practice to have a maximum of 50 MUHv2 agents on one Security Gateway.

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