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ISP redundancy and specific traffic should pass through perticular ISP and PBR configuration

Hi All -
We are under progress to deploy a new solution,
Where we have two ISP and we are configuring ISP Redundancy so that certain (http &https) traffic uses specific ISP Link with sk32225
We will configure four interface configure on my firewall two external interface, one inside network and one DMZ network.
when my user will access any http and https traffic from internet they will pass throgh ISP1 and rest of the traffic will pass through with ISP-2 which is mention is Sk32225
we have some of Application in DMZ which are running on HTTPS and HTTP also.
i just want to confirm, if we will apply PBR for internal user to access DMZ subent with Https & Http services, they will reach DMZ subnet. will it work or not
I am attaching a diagram for your reference.Diagram for ISP-Load balancer.png

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