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ISP Redundancy + IPSEC Tunnel with Zscalar in R80.40

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Dear Team,


My customer is on R80.40 with 5600 HA mode firewalls.

The scenario is below :

1. Lan users connect to Internet after passing through Check Point firewall and then after passing through Check Point the traffic  is IPSEC tunneled with ZScalar cloud proxy

2. Currently customer has 2 ISP Links and configured in Load sharing mode , Unfortunately one of the ISP's is frequently giving less amount of BW than it is supposed to this in turn creating latency issues to customer's internet traffic. Because of this reason customer manually changes the ISP redundancy  percentages i.e gives maximum priority to second ISP

3. But this is in turn creating  another problem i.e IPSEC tunnel with Z scalar gets disconnected and he should manually go to Link selection in Check Point and select the static IP of second interface.

Are we missing anything to make this work automatically with out manual intervention. Kindly help with solution.



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