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IPv6 echo-request NAT

Hi All,

For one of our customers, we have created a IPv6 setup so a internal IPv4 website is reachable on a external IPv6 address.
This is working fine and we can reach the website on port 443 and we see the correct access rule and NAT rule being hit.

But when we perform a ping from an external IPv6 host to the external IPv6 address, the NAT rule is not being hit. We can see an allow in the log for the correct access rule, but there is no NAT rule in the log entry.

The only reason I can think of is on the outside we use ping for IPv6 and on the inside we use ping for IPv4. And those protocols differ and cannot be translated.

Does this sounds familiar to anyone? Is there an explanation why NAT is not used when we ping the external IPv6 address.


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