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ICMP - "Blocking request as configured in engine settings of Firewall"

Hello All,

We have an issue where traffic between the members of a HA cluster is being blocked with the message: "Blocking request as configured in engine settings of Firewall"

This is only happening on the external interface facing one of the ISPs.


When searching for the reason I find only references regarding HTTP traffic.

Can anyone help identify  what engine settings we should be checking. Under the "Manage & Settings" and "Blades" I cannot find anything related this. Under "Security Policy" and "Inspection Settings" I also find nothing that seems related.

Most of the references I find are related to the message "Firewall - Domain resolving error. Check DNS configuration on the gateway (0)".  How the DNS is related when we are pining an IP address.  I did check on the concerned gateways and "nslookup" is able to resolve names, and provides a name back when we do the lookup of the IP addresses (source and destination) involved in the ping.



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