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How to configure S2S VPN Responder Only?

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Hi All,

Have a bit of a strange issue I'm hoping someone has an answer for.

Basically we have a situation where there is a 3rd party NAT device breaking VPN connectivity to a peer.

If the peer initiates the tunnel then the VPN comes up

If our side attempts it then it all goes wrong.

There is 0% chance of any config changes to the remote peer side so we are stuck with this.

There are also other VPNS terminating on our Check Points.

A fudge-fix is to stop our side attempting to bring up the tunnel and respond only but I cant find any articles how to do this on a Check Point.


Can anyone point me to a relevant article?

Is Responder Mode supported on a Check Point?

Is if it is it global or can it be peer-limited?






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