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How can i create a SNAT Pool (Specific public IPs) with ISP redundancy

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Hi all,

I've been looking for SK to talk about how to configure a Hide NAT with specific Public IPs in ISP Redundancy. I mean how to can i create a outbound traffic with a Hide NAT pool (Specific IP for each ISP) not Gateway IP address.

I've been searching in history of GAIA OS from R76 to R80.30. I cannot see that this feature have been added.

For example:



Email Servers: When we have a this scenario to load balanced a SMTP traffic, always need to respond from the same source for inbound and outbound. When we have a ISP Redundancy, the concepts to configure a ISP Redundancy are:

- To have redundance of services in most cases SMTP Traffic inbound and outbound for each ISP Public.

I know that Check Point is not a Load Balancer but at least need to have this feature because the only outbound load balancer is the Gateway IP Address.

Any information or SK or future feature in R80.40 and above, please let me know i will appreciate it.


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