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Having a hard time redirecting Youtube requests on Gaia 80.20 VSX

Good morning everyone,

One of my clients would like to block a small amount of websites and redirect those requests to a custom page. We implemented this last week and all website work like a charm except for one: Youtube.

Parts of the page are still allowed and I can't figure out a way to properly redirect Youtube like the other pages. I know it could have something to do with SSL certificates coming from (which is not blocked) so it's difficult to block all of them.

We are using HTTPS Inspection to inspect the traffic. If I test on my own machine I see all my traffic in my requests getting inspected but my browser keeps loading a half working Youtube website. The weird thing is that sometimes redirect works in Edge but when i go to in Chrome and then refresh in Edge the page loads in both browsers. How is this possible?


- Environment is running on Gaia 80.20 (VSX)

- HTTPS Inspection is enabled

- All redirects work except for Youtube.

- We are using the "Youtube" object in the application policy to drop traffic, tested with URL as well but gave same result.

- Upgrading to 80.30 0r .40 is not an option since that failed multiple times even with TAC assistance. 


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