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HTTPS Inspection vs Categorize HTTPS site with VSX (R80.40)


I have a question regarding HTTPSi / HTTPS Categorization / VSX on R80.40.

Well, I have several VS, and I would like to know if it is possible to run HTTPSi on some of them in order to inspect for malware etc... and run only HTTPS Categorization in order to webfilter a VS dedicated to guest (where I can not add any Cert on th browser).

I read this post which partially answer my concerns

But don't know if I can run both on R80.40 with different VS





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Hi @Rom_D,

To your questions:

Yes, you can enable or disable https inspection on different VS.

But you must import the root certificate in the browser. Unfortunately there is no other possibility.

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Hi Heiko,

Thank you.

Based on

As Categorization of HTTPS is a global parameter all the VS will have categorization enabled. And on the ones I will activate HTTPSi, only HTTPSi will be performed?


Is that correct?


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