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HTTPS Inspection Strange Browsing

We recently turned on HTTPS Inspection and used Best Practice setup. We are using a Gateway self-signed cert and have pushed it out to clients. Our HTTPS Inspection policy is applied on a very small sub set of devices and networks for testing purposes before applying it to more enterprise wide. We have also noticed some strange behavior when opening web pages. Some pages may load as expected, some pages do not load, and some pages may only load partially. The partially loading seems to be the most common but all of it is somewhat random in nature and not related to specific sites. When either a page doesn't load or somewhat loads a simple refresh will make the page load. The partial loading does seem to be most present on sites that may have more content delivery images and links present. That is where you may see partial images load. This behavior can be noticed across all web browsers. We are hesitant to push this out further to include more networks until we have a resolution.

We have 2 clusters both running 80.40 Take 118 and have the strange behavior from both clusters.

We have engaged TAC. In the meantime hoping to see if anyone has had similar experiences or even possible resolution.

Came across another thread that had some similarities and starting this new post for advice

Many Thanks.

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