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HTTPS Inspection - Performace issues at first page request / VSX


we have a VSX implementation with 5 different VS, and for one of them we just enabled HTTPS-Inspection.

Unfortunately the users are complaining constantly about performance & sites that are not working properly. We have bypassed already dozens of sites, (even low/very low category), but it won't get better.

Besides sites that mitigate Inspection by design (banking), one main issue is that the first access to a page is extremely slow (e.g. Afterwards, all other requests work fine. In older versions we had similar issues that we could fix with mechanisms like "probe bypass". But our VSX is running on 81.10, therefore probe bypass should be irrelevant (since 80.30).

The Site Categorization mode is set to "Hold", but despite changing it to "Background" (installing DB, installing VS-policy, installing VS0-policy), the changes are not having any effect on the behavior. Fail Mode is "fail-open".

 The GWs are bored to death (10% CPU load during business hours).


Any ideas what else we could check or try to improve the user experience?


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