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HA Cluster with 150+ VLAN Interfaces

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Hi all

We are running the following configuration on our core datacenter firewalls:

- 2 Clusters with 23800 Applicances R77.30 JHF 216

- 150+ VLANs on bonds of 10GB Interfaces

We're experiencing issues with the failover/failback mechanism, where it seems, that "routed" process hangs during writing a lot of information in the database (dbget/dbset commands). When routed is hanging, clish becomes unresponsive as well as the modules ends up in split brain situation (some vlan backup addresses are active on both members of the clusters). We have a Check Point Service Request open to deal about that for a while, unfortunaly not getting close to a solution.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? We were even able to reproduce the issue on our 4600er lab firewalls by configuring additional 140 VLAN interfaces on the standard internal ports.

Does also anyone run a configuration with that many interfaces using ClusterXL? Before we consider moving from VRRP to ClusterXL (as this seems to be Check Point Mainstream), we want to make sure, that we don't go from bad to worse.

Let me know some of your experiences...



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