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H323 Hop Count being inspected?

We are using R80.30. After an update from JHF 219 to JHF 228 we suddenly had a near complete outage of all H323 calls. There was no Drop, Reject, Detect or Prevent in the log file.

When we checked SK153152, we noticed the following change in JHF227:

PRJ-16286,PRJ-16287,PMTR-58322: NEW: Added support for HopCount field in H323 protocol. Refer to sk169513.

This seemed the only change mentioned with any relevance concerning H323. So I took a look at the Hop Count in the troubled calls:

                    hopCount: 31

According to the H323 HopCount has only 5 bit. So 31 is the max HopCount.

My suspicion here is: Check Point drops the packet because HopCount is exceeded or modifies the HopCount.

Can someone confirm or deny my suspicion? How can I tell the gateway to ignore the hop count?

Thanks in advance, Martin

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