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Getting Error code: 0-2000232 when applying Access Policy to any Gateway

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We are R81 JHF17 on all our CP devices.   Our Mgt is on VM and we have 5800 HA Cluster and 8 CP3200s deployed at remote sites On 3/5, when attempting to install Policy the Access Policy install fails with the Error code: 0-2000232 - which simply states to contact Check Point support.   There is no "hits" in Secure Knowledge on this code.

Tech ran debugs and had me download 2 scripts to run.  One fails as it does not support R81 and apparently has not been updated.

Next we uploaded CPINFO / Migrate_export from MGT and a CPINFO off one of the 3200 GWs.   Apparently has had trouble "importing" them into the lab to see if he can recreate. 

The Policy Verify returns NO errors.   I can also change and deploy Threat Prevention Policy to ALL gateways.   

fw fetch to PASSIVE HA member fails.....  I have asked for Escalation yesterday and still I have been asked to make a change to our Access Policy.  

But I thought I'd post out here to see if anyone has had this error or can offer suggestions on how to solve while I wait for TAC.


TIA - Perry

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