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Frequent memory leaks of four different 3600 appliances running R80.30 last JHF

Hello, we have four new 3600 appliances (two active/standby clusters, each one managed by a different Management) and the four of them are having memory leakages: after 1 month working without any issue the free memory is constantly decreasing until it is very low (less than 10%) and eventually the devices stop forwarding traffic, and memory errors are returned when we execute operations such as "fw monitor", "fw ctl zdebug drop", "vpn tu" etc... the issue is fixed by rebooting, but the issue reappears again one month later. 

The strange thing is that it happens on 4 different GWs, configured on two clusters with two different policies and two different Management Servers, so there is no relationship between them, and they have a pretty simple configuration, with no additional blades apart from the VPN  (there is no NGTP, URLF, APPCTL, IPS...) and a very low amount of traffic being processed by the GWs.

We have a open SR but it is taking a lot of time to analyze it because we need to wait until the issue appears again and execute the leak_detection script (sk35496)

Please, has anyone had experienced such issues with 3600 appliances?

Best regards


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