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Firewall worker saturation 77.30


We are having one GW on vsx 77.30 that is still not updated to r80.30 like our other firewalls (in this crisis..), we are experiencing the "known" issue of having one fwk overloaded by an elephant flow while others doing well, and causing an impact.

Our others GW on r80.30 does not have that issue thanks to Dynamic Dispatcher etc.

As migrated to r80.30 is not an option in the immediat feature, i was thinking how to further finetune this gw to cope with this workload.


We have 4 cores for SND 8 Cores for VSs, the main VS has 10 CoreXL instances.


Is there any otherway on r77.30 to finetune loadbalancing in order to not have one instance fully utilized ?







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