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Finding Bandwidth consuming for particular Host

Dear All,


Just wanted to check if any workaround to check the Bandwidth consumed/consuming for particular host machine.

Customer's Internet Bandwidth was choked due to "few hosts to some destination IP" consuming high.

From SmartMonitor we can see only Source or Destination which is consuming.

But we need to check for the "Which Source against Which Destination" more bandwidth consumed/consuming.


Just like in Cisco command: --ip flow top-talkers

CISCO-ASA#sh ip flow top-talkers

SrcIf     SrcIPaddress         DstIf        DstIPaddress         Pr       SrcP      DstP         Bytes
Gi0/1    Gi0/0     06       0050      BBEB         19M
Gi0/1    Gi0/0     06       0050      3891           16M

In above we could see 2 Sources against 2 Destinations with "Bytes" consumed.

By any chance can we see something like this in CheckPoint??


Regards, Prabulingam.N

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