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Do host objects with "resolve from name" IP address automatically update?

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I'd like to create a network group populated with hosts which are user laptops for a particular region and office. The host record is created using the AD FQDN and the IP address for the host record is populated at time of creation by selecting the resolve by name button. That's great but I need that IP to update dynamically as their VPN IP will change with each new connection. To make this work I think part of my policy would require every source IP to have a reverse DNS lookup performed to AD DNS to see if the presented source IP matches the current host. The more I think about it the less like I feel it has a built in solution. Has anyone run into this issue? We would not want to get into the business of updating these on the fly. The only other solution I can think of would be to see if an address  reserved can be made on our VPN service.




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