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DHCP service issue on R80.40

Hello everyone, I recently encountered a very strange problem. The version is R80.40 + hotfix 126.In my network, the client cannot reach the DHCP server to obtain the IP through CheckPoint

       Recently, some VLANs cannot obtain IP normally. It is found through zdebug that dhcp is old seesion. Modify the kernel file according to sk123116. Operate and cancel the default dhcp relay and dhcp request, add custom service and Selected “Keep connections open after the policy has been installed”. add the interception record in the enforced Suspicious Activity Rules in and delet rule in tunnel & User Monitoring, and it has been normal for a few days after the policy is issued.

      Today, it happened again that the IP could not be obtained. The enforced Suspicious Activity Rules in tunnel & User Monitoring were blocked again, and after deleting the policy issued, the IP can be obtained normally. Have you encountered and resolved this situation?

tks all

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