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DHCP from ISP (nat issue perhaps)

For a quick background:

At our main building we have a standalone 6700 with static WAN IPs.   I have set up a new 3600 at our branch office, however it is using a DHCP WAN IP.  

When I migrated our ISP from an older CheckPoint 1100 to the new 3600 I noticed L3 traffic was failing.  Pings work fine so I assume L2 is good. 

There is already a TAC case open, but I had a light bulb moment, could this be a NAT issue?

Our 6700 has static NAT (IP based) for internal networks, attached image for reference.  Our 3600 will be using hide NAT for internal networks, however the option "Hide internal networks behind the Gateway's external IP" is disabled.  Not sure if I did this or if it is default setting.

While troubleshooting last week, I noticed none of the logs had any NAT entries.  

I have limited maintenance windows, so having as much information as possible would be really helpful.

Thank you in advance.

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