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Custom application wildcard quandry


I need to match several hundred sites with construction as follows:


Where 'nnn' is some 3-digit number and the population of them is not known (by me) directly.

I cannot use '*' because '' in this case is a well-known online file storage site and I need to allow access only to those where 'category' matches our industry.  NOTE: There is an in-built application for this site but it doesn't permit the specific industry matching we require.

Under past TAC cases I've been advised to stay away from using regex expression out of performance concerns (in our case the first several regex custom applications seemed to work fine but when we added a 10th the enforcing gateways began to falter).

Ideally I'd like '?' to work like it does in many other products so I could use 'category.???' but I don't see any mention of the '?' in the documentation on the topic.

What have you done in your environments in a situation like mine?

Thank you for reading.

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