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ClusterXL Bridge Mode Setup Instructions

Hi All,

I wanted to see if anyone has any guidance on configuring a ClusterXL gateway active/standby cluster for bridge mode. We've used bridge interfaces on standalone gateways for a while, but not on any ClusterXL clusters. The admin guide documentation for Bridge mode details how to enable ClusterXL bridge mode for active/standby by enabling it in cpconfig, but NOTHING beyond that, such as configuring the bridge interface on both cluster members, or defining the gateway topology of the bridge interfaces.

It's relatively easy to create bridges on standalone gateways, you create the bridge interface in Gaia, give it an IP address and define the sub-interfaces, and then on the SmartConsole gateway topology define two interfaces and give both the same IP information.

From what I've read on ClusterXL bridge mode, you can't give it an IP address (but the documentation doesn't specify whether that's a ClusterXL VIP, or individual members can't have an IP on the bridge interface). And then I don't know how to define the bridge topology of the cluster in SmartConsole, do you create two cluster or private networks, either way you have to enter IP addresses of the interfaces. Or for ClusterXL bridges do you not create any interfaces in the topology, just create ACL rules?

If somebody can help explain the setup of how to do bridging on ClusterXL active/standby clusters beyond what the admin guides say I would really appreciate the help.



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