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CloudGuard CPU 0 "Type Other"

Good evening,


I am experiencing an issue on our CloudGuard gateways (R80.40 T120). We have backups that run every evening that transfer data from Azure to our On-Prem servers. The throughput is approx 500mbps at the time of the transfer and the CPUs were running around 60-70% on average.


I have enabled fast_accel to help with this and I've seen a significant performance improvement this evening......however when monitoring the CPU usage, I noticed that CPU 0 had a higher load that the other 3 cores. When I check the CPU tab in CPView, CPU 0 is listed as Type = Other. The other 3 cores are listed as CoreXL_FW.


When I check the output of fw ctl affinity -l, I can see that CPU 0 looks to be allocated to two separate virtual interfaces. The other CPUs are all assigned to the kernel and other daemons. Also, when I check the output of fwaccel stats -s, it says that Accelerated Pkts/Total Pkts is 98%, and PSLXL Pkts/Total Pkts is 98%.


I was wondering what a likely cause of the CPU 0 "Other" handling traffic instead of the other CoreXL cores could be?


Still pretty new to all of this, so if I've missed anything obvious, please tell me 😊.


Thanks in advance,



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