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Checkpoint to ASA VPN traffic selection issue

Hi all,

Have a 5800 R80.40 to a ASA 9.6 VPN trying to get up.

Scenario is,
ASA LAN server A to Checkpoint LAN server B
On the checkpoint, ASA LAN server A source is being translated to server C IP. server B gets no nat/original.
Since this is transparent to the ASA, on the ASA the no nat rule says server A and B get no nat.

When initiating traffic on the Cisco side, the ASA debugs makes it seem Phase 1 is ok as far as the crypto and PSK.
On the Cisco debug shows that the correct DH group has been negotiated, NAT-T is in use 4500, PSK has been sent and ESP encapsulation is going on,
Then the ASA sends the traffic selector for the correct source ( server A ) to destination ( server B ) and resends a few times and times out.

On the Checkpoint side, it shows as UP Phase 1, but shows this error.

IKEv2 [NAT-T (IPv4)
auth exchange: sending notification to peer: traffic selectors unacceptable
MyTSi MyTSr:
<has the public IP of the ASA>
< ->
Peer TSi:
Peer TSr:
<server B IP address>
Do not why the Checkpoint is picking the " public outside " interface IP of the ASA firewall.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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