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Checkpoint Cluster Firmware Upgrade

Hello experts, 

I am in planning of checkpoint cluster (HA) firmware upgrade procedure. We are running version R80.10 and planning to go on R80.30 code version. as this the first time in am doing a firmware upgrade on cluster i need more clarification on what method i should go for. Guide says there are 4 methods for the upgrade:

1)Minimal Effort Upgrade

2)Zero Downtime Upgrade

3)Connectivity Upgrade of a Cluster

4)Optimal Service Upgrade of a Cluster

I am definitely going to have maintenance window for this work. I am more confused between connectivity upgrade and Minimal effort upgrade. Connectivity upgrade lets us upgrade without any Network disruptions and Minimal effort upgrade allows the most simplest way to upgrade which via upgrading each security gateway individually. 

I know, it is totally up to me what method i want to go for, but i really need your recommendations on which path i should go for, in case you guys might have experienced easy going way from above methods. 


Thanks in Advance !!


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