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Changing main IP address of a cluster - what could go wrong?

Hello mates,

I have to change the main IP address of a cluster from private address to a public to solve some issues with IKEv2 VPNs using the main address as ID.

Only Main address will be changed, no addresses on any interfaces. Currently used private address is VIP of internal interface, and want to change it to existing VIP of external interface.

What could go wrong with this change? Established S2S VPNs, Remote access VPNs ? Something else?


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If this gateway is using Identity Awareness blade and Identity Sharing feature is active, the main ip address is used for the sharing connection (pdpd <-> pepd). If you hit this problem, you can circumvent this by setting the ip address used for these IA sharing connection manually by filling gateways field ia_control_connections_ip with (gui)dbedit. See sk60701 for that.

You should also check the various portal settings (admin, mobile access, user check, identity awareness, etc.) and their certificates.

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