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Blink - Full gateway installation in 5 minutes

Hi everybody,


I am proud to announce the release of the new and revolutionary deployment method for Check Point gateways – Blink.

Using blink you’ll be able to deploy blink images on Check Point gateway appliances in no more than 5 minutes!


Blink images are available for all the supported versions, with or without the latest Jumbo HF.

Bliniking an image which includes a Jumbo HF does not require any extra installation time!


If you are using ISOMorphic, you might consider using Blink for your gateway installations.


Along with the blink image you can also download a blink update package that installs the latest Software Blades updates such as Anti-Bot, Application Control, URL Filtering and the latest agent updates such as CPUSE.


The installation process is simple:

  • Copy the blink executable to the appliance
  • Copy the blink image to the appliance
  • Optional – copy the blink updates package to the appliance
  • From expert mode: simply launch blink
  • After the installation is completed, login to the WebUI and fill in the simple configuration page


Blink can be used to reimage a new GW appliance, or for clean installation of a new image on an existing appliance.


There are many tweaks that can be done with blink – tweaks that can help you set the desired configuration automatically, or even run custom actions according to your deployment needs.


For detailed information and download instructions, please visit SK 120193.

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