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BGP issues after upgrade 80.10 -> 80.30

Hi all 
We are stuck into a strange issue when upgrading a cluster from 80.10 to 80.30 
Short description: 

We have two 80.10 GW appliances, facing two internet connections with BGP, advertising one /24 with equal metric via both providers. 

Both BGP sessions are Established on the primary cluster member (confirmed in HA and LS mode). 

After upgrading to 80.30 one of the BGP comes up without issues, the other stays in Active state. 

routed.log says: interface eth1 has NO IPv4 CLUSTER address

Error is logged even though cluster addresses are properly configured and the BGP won't move to Established state. 

Shutting down the working BGP (disable interface) and waiting for the other to come up did not help/ 

We tested this on 4600 appliances then did the config from scratch on a brand new 6400 - same issue. 

I would appreciate any suggestions 🙂 



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