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Add New VSX Gateway on R80.30 fail


I tried to add a new VSX gateway on my Lab with R80.30 SM.

I follow the steps like below.

1. Click add VSX gateway on SmartConsole.

2. Input appliance name and IP address.

3. Select custom network.

4. Initialize the SIC.

5. Select the vlan trunk interface.

6. Not create virtual network device.

7. Define the policy.

8. Click the "Finish" and install policy but I got a failed message.I can't finish add the device. 

Installing default Policy - NC-Proc-VSX-01_VSX on NC-Proc-VSX-01...
Layer 'NC-Proc-VSX-01_VSX Network': There is only one interface defined for object NC-Porc-SM-01. At least one more interface must be configured for this object in order to use the Anti-Spoofing feature.
Policy verification failed.
Failed to install default policy NC-Proc-VSX-01_VSX on NC-Proc-VSX-01

Installing VSX default policy operation has finished with errors.
This could have happen due to time-out while installing security policy.
Check the modules to see if security policy is installed. if so discard
this error message.
If policy is not installed make sure that the failed Virtual System/Router
is accessible from the management server, and that you have a valid license.
Try to install security policy manually from the SmartDashboard.
If the problem persists contact Check Point Technical Support.

Operation has failed.

The VSX gateway is new install and no any policy on it.

How to fix this issue?




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