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Access role rule over VPN remote access

Hi all,

I need to create a rule to allow specific traffic towards specific IPs for some users AND their machines only.
The inline rule from within the LAN is working, so the ADuser+ADmachine+LAN combo can reach the IPs on specific ports; All the other traffic is dropped.
I've created another inline rule for the VPN connected users (Office Mode, CheckPoint Mobile client) but the traffic is always dropped even though enters the rule; I tried different combinations in the source and destination, but I can't understand if it's a problem in the policy or in the way the users are recognized through the VPN.

My current rule is this:

1-    src: Any   / dst: IP_1, IP_2 / VPN: RemoteAccess / svc: Any / action: (inline layer)

1.1- src: myAccess_Role (ADuser+ADmachine) / dst: Any / VPN: Any / svc: RDP, http / action: Accept

1.2- src: Any / dst: Any / VPN: Any / svc: Any / action: Drop

But I already tried to change the src in the rule 1 (to myAccess_Role or legacy "ADusersVPN@Any"), adding the Office Mode net in the myAccess_Role.

Thanks for any help

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