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API TEX -- Request-URI Too Long

Hello Checkmates.  I have a customer with TEX running on their GWs.  They use APIs to send files to be cleaned.  We monkied around with the settings and are generally able to do files of up to 60M without any problems.  This has been working fine for some time.  All of a sudden instead of 60M, the developer could only pass 15M files (the default).

So I'm going back through my configs to check my stuff.  All looks fine in:

  1. In configuration file /opt/CPUserCheckPortal/conf/httpd.conf  replace  LimitRequestBody <..>  with  LimitRequestBody 
  2. 2. In configuration file /opt/CPUserCheckPortal/conf/php.ini  replace  memory_limit = <..>  with  memory_limit = 2G
  3. In script file /opt/CPUserCheckPortal/htdocs/UserCheck/TPAPI  replace  ini_set('memory_limit','180M');  with  ini_set('memory_limit','900M');

So I started looking in other places.  Following sk113599 (I verified everything from the beginning through 6B) I was just double checking my work.  All looked fine.  All of a sudden the developer reported back that he can no longer send files to https://172.x.x.1/UserCheck/TPAPI and that https://172.x.x.1:18194/tecloud/api/v1/file/upload did work.  I know he needs to use the former URL.  So looking through sk113599 I took the API key out of /opt/CPUserCheckPortal/phpincs/conf/TPAPI.ini  and tested.  My response is 

Request-URI Too Long

The requested URL's length exceeds the capacity limit for this server.

I looked for help with this error, but nothing at CP and the web is just generic.  Anyone have any thoughts on this.  Running R80.30 with JHF236.

Perplexing. I am certainly not the only engineer at this place.  Anyone could have made any change, but generally would not make a change they are not sure of.  This is why I was going back to check the basics.  Any thoughts on the URI too long?


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