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12600 with VSX low on memory

Ran into a problem with the upgrade of a 12600 for a customer that was asked to assist. The setup of this customer was pretty simple, 2 management servers on R80.20 in HA. 2 x 12600 with R80.10 running VSX.

One piece of giveaway, one of the 12600's has 12GB memory the other (the backup) has 6GB memory

Now the challenge was to upgrade to R80.20 to be able to use the dynamic objects for Office 365.

So we start with the backup unit, there are 5 VS's and 55 virtual switches.

When done with the upgrade which went well (cpuse upgrade) we reboot the box and let it do it's things to see where we are I check with vsx stat -v and get a list of 39 problems like this:

Unable to open '/vs2/dev/fw0': Connection refused

Unable to open '/vs4/dev/fw0': Connection refused

Unable to open '/vs6/dev/fw0': Connection refused

Unable to open '/vs7/dev/fw0': Connection refused

Unable to open '/vs9/dev/fw0': Connection refused

Unable to open '/vs12/dev/fw0': Connection refused

Unable to open '/vs14/dev/fw0': Connection refused

On the console there were messages about SIC problems, we ended up doing a reinstall of the box with a USB stick and a clean R80.20, then ran a vsx_util reconfigure (after the base interface config) however the number of errors remains the same. Opened a TAC case, but nobody could find the cause of the messages and errors.

We decided to add more memory, so we sent 3 x 4GB onsite, but as the box has 2 physical CPU's it needs a even number of memory banks, so we put in 2 x 4GB to see if it would improve, it sure did, The number of problems went back to 20 with the added 2GB. 

One other thing that was bothering me was the 55 Virtual Switches. The engineer that helped this customer during the first setup told the customer to create a vSwitch for each VLAN they use...  🤔

All these switches ended up in 1 trunk port and terminated a VLAN, out of the 55 there were 19 vSwitches that had no connection to any VS, so I tried to delete 1 that was all ok in SmartConsole, this went ok and got removed from both boxes. I continued to remove all the ones that had no issues. After a reboot the box came back without any of the previous errors. Then I could remove the last couple of unused vSwitches. 

Then the local contact came back with 6 x 4GB DIMM's and put them all in, now the box is happily running with 24GB, why CP says it only supports 12 GB, I don't know.


We will see tomorrow that we upgrade the other box from R80.10 to R80.20 and also put more memory in them.

Regards, Maarten
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