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12400 appliance dead, but LOM working

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Hello guys,

The issue which I am facing at the moment is quite strange for me. We have 12400 appliance which suddenly stopped working. After some checks we discovered that LOM interface is working well. LOM states that device is in OFF mode. Of course that we have tried to turn it on from LOM, but the error message was displayed.

As this device is around 6000 km away from me, I cannot check it in person. But according to guys who physically checked the status of this device, appliance is completely dead. No sign of life, no alarms, display is dark and cannot access anything from there. They tried to re-seat both PSUs, unplug both power cords for about 10 minutes, use other power outlets, but still the same.

What I do not understand is how it is even possible that LOM is working and I can access LOM of this device without any problem ? Has LOM some independent power source (battery) ? How is LOM interface designed ? Why I cannot turn on the device if LOM is working well ? Voltage of both PSUs was decreased so much that they cannot provide enough power to serve all needed circuits, only LOM ?

Thanks for every comment on this.

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka
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