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Tip of the Week - Scalable Platforms (4x000 and 6x000)

Whether you are already using Check Point Scalable Platforms Appliances in your data center or just consider them as a next step, this Advanced Technical Reference Guide will be extremely useful.

It describes principles of architecture, best practices, tuning recommendations and also has links to further SecureKnowledge articles and documentation for the matter.

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Hi Valeri,

Do you know if there will be like a certification track for Scalable Platforms so partners can get certified to install, configure and troubleshoot these kinds of appliances? 

As currently all clients have to buy multiple days of professional services for installation and configuration before it will be supported by TAC.

A partner can only be of value after the installation by Professional Services.


Kind regards,



I was such a partner in 2016 and 2017, deploying multiple 41K an 61K in several countries. I am not aware of any formal certification to do so, personally. Ask your local office, there is a possibility of having a two day workshop to learn the product. Main issue is, however, the labs. 

PS as part of jump start package is highly recommended 


There is no certification for SP platforms. However Professional Services can provide two days training and workshop on the topic.