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SecureKnowledge Weekly - Cluster Addresses on Different Subnets

One of the classic yet not so commonly used features of ClusterXL is the ability to configure cluster IP addresses in a manner where physical IP addresses and VIPs are on different network subnets.

 The advantage of this is that it:

  • Enables a multi-machine cluster to replace a single-machine gateway in a pre-configured network, without the need to allocate new addresses to the cluster members.
  • Makes it possible to use one routable address only, for the ClusterXL Gateway Cluster.

Article sk32073 explains the configuration, implications and limitations of this feature. 

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side note from "Field Engineer" :

"As a result, communication from the external Management Server to the private IP addresses of the physical cluster members will not be possible over the Internet for services such as SIC."

- that basically rules out the opportunity for such topology in most of the enterprise-based environments these days.

Shame, as it looked like one of the options with potentially an excellent Plan-B for many of us Smiley Happy 

nice SK on the other hand mate.




It does not, if your management is located inside your internal network behind this cluster. It does, if you are trying to use it for a remote cluster.