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upgrade R76SP.50 + HTF


we have upgrade our chassis K41 to R76SP50 + HTF on the chassis1 and chassis2  at the end of the upgrade

why there is a difference in the build version between chassis 1 and chassis 2:

  • chassis 1 SP50 Build 068
  • chassis 2 SP50 Build 092

best regards

2 Replies

Re: upgrade R76SP.50 + HTF

Assuming you used the same bundle for both chassis, you should get the same build number.

Probably a good idea to engage with the TAC.


Re: upgrade R76SP.50 + HTF

This happens when the SGMs are imaged with different builds. Some may have been installed with base SP50 and others may have been upgraded from an older version. Either way, once asg_provision passes the binary checks, you are fine.