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SSM sync cable is not working

HI All -


I have an issuue with checkpoint Chassis, we have dual Chassis environment.

when we are connecting SSM to other SSM it not getting up, 

i try to all possible physical connectivity changes.

I am getting below error.

NMSETH0029 Interface not in the right format, assuming it's invalid interface Sync
CLICMD0159 Error at line 1. Could not execute all commands successfully.

Even i tried with manufactoring default of all (4) SSM 

i am also not able to connect SSM via SMO.

when i check the IP address of SSM , both having the same IP address

Could you please suggest someone with this issue.

We have collaboration support, so we dont have much support on that.



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Even with collaborative standard support, you can tell your CCSP to open a ticket with TACfor this issue !


thanks for your help.

i am try to get full-configuration output from all SSMs.

is there any way to find out the issue with config file?

i will share you full configuration output. 


Hi All


Issue has been resolved.  with using default subnet configuration which use for internal communication between SSM,SGM, & CMS