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R80.20SP released

As of yesterday (28th of February), R80.20SP has been released.

More information can be found here: sk140392

Interesting SK's apart from the normal documents that get released upon a new version:

Comparison between R80.20 and R80.20SP 

Comparison between R76SP.50 and R80.20SP 

Note: download is currently not publicly available, but can be requested via:

I wonder tho why it is not publicly available, anybody have an idea why?

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Re: R80.20SP released

Indeed, we just released both R80.20SP and Maestro. Public download for everyone is not available right now and it will be available in the future.

The reason is simple:

Since concept of Scalable Platforms (especially Maestro) may be new and challenging for our partners and customers, we would like to closely escort our first installations and go together throw upcoming issues (if any).

We believe, this kind of service is win-win for both sides, since customers and partners will get  closer support, and we will learn from their questions and challenges on the way.



Re: R80.20SP released

Hi Anatoly

just wondering if you know anyone at CP who could clarify situation with VSX and Virtual Routers in R80.20SP.

Currently they are listed as unsupported. What's the future of VRs? Will they be supported?






Re: R80.20SP released

Great news bu also lots of limitations even compare to R76SP. Guess will have to wait till later!


Re: R80.20SP released

We are planning to move our customer of 44k to R80.20SP version using NGTP blades. 

Are there any customer/partner who has done it already? Can you write here about your suggestions?



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