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BUNDLE_HCP_AUTOUPDATE failure when running asg diag


we recently (January) upgraded the JHF Take on our ClusterXL Security Gateways from 191 to 317 at Checkpoints recommendation due to some unexplained failovers we were having.

So far, everything has been great - no unexpected failovers and we run "asg diag" regularly to ensure Health Checks all still pass. However, the latest run has thrown up a failure we've not come across before.

Failure is against "3. Software Provision" with the following details under Installed Hotfixes:

CPUpdates           |BUNDLE_HCP_AUTOUPDATE              |52             |Failed   |2_01: Not exists    


We have 2 SG's in our setup, and both are now returning the same failure - aside from adding rules, we haven't changed them since we moved to JHF317 (currently running software R80.20SP, but upgrading to R81.10 in April). Is this an auto update thing where the Checkpoint deletes unused files after a period of time? If so, how can we get the diagnostics to ignore this hotfix so the diagnostics will pass?




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Hi George!

HCP package distributed via cloud infrastructure and it is known behavior where not all members get new package at the same time. Please wait few hours and all the members should get the same package.




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Do I understand correctly that you are running chassis and referring to SGMs as SGs, or is this a Maestro environment? Asking because I moved the post to chassis space. Please advise.

On the issue itself, please open a TAC case for this.

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