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SandBlast PoC Guide


can anyone point where is the latest version of the Excellent SandBlast PoC guide?

 I have Version 9.1 but it is a little bit outdated and doesn't include R80.10/20 features and updates.

In Addition, I would like to do a basic test of TE functionality "Unknown 300" style.

Can anyone recommend how to get the unknown malicious samples or how do I create them? 



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Re: SandBlast PoC Guide

Hi Shahar,

we are currently working on an upgrade for the SandBlast Network PoC guide to R80.xx.

I expect it to be ready latest mid december. You can then get it from your local CP SE.

Regarding malicious samples you might also ask you local CP SE.

Regards Thomas

Re: SandBlast PoC Guide

Thanks for the update! 

It would be nice if you can publish it in the community once it is ready. it is a very good and helpful document for configuring and troubleshooting TE/X


Re: SandBlast PoC Guide

Its done?

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Re: SandBlast PoC Guide

Updated Sandblast PoC guides are available: Check Point Sandblast PoC Guide R80.20 for SandBlast Network v10.3 and Configuring SandBlast Agent with SandBlast Appliance PoC Guide v21 - available now from you local SE ! 

Re: SandBlast PoC Guide



How to download that file.

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