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Requirements for installing Sandblast Network and Mobile in VM for a POC

Hello Dear,

We have to deploy a POC for the Sandblast Network and we want do them on a Vmware environment. Then can I have the requirements(hardware and others) for:

1-Sandblast Network

2-Sandblast Mobile

Thank for all for your answers.


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Sandblast Network is not supported within a VM environment. You can PoC a Sandblast Network appliance, or enable the Sandblast features on the Check Point gateway to use the Cloud environment. We do have a new Sandblast Now appliance, in EA, that will allow a device to be placed in your environment, either on a TAP/Span, or L2 bridge and start emulating the files within a matter of minutes.

Sandblast Mobile does not require any hardware or software installation on your network/infrastructure to PoC. The management is all cloud based. The only installation is the app itself on your mobile devices.

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Thanks to you very much Matt