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ClusterXL Requirements

Hi Guys,

May I know if the memory/RAM is a criteria for synchronizing members of the clusterXL?

I just ask this because I am planning to upgrade the RAM of my production security gateways. My plan is to upgrade the FW02 memory then do a failover and then upgrade now the FW01 memory. My concern is that, once I upgraded and power up the FW02, will it sync to the FW01 since as of that moment both security gateways have now different amount of RAM?


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It's good you clarified the question. 😁
Generally appliances should be configured with the same RAM/interfaces/etc.
Number of processor cores being identical is critical for ClusterXL.
RAM, however, is not a critical factor.

RAM is not critical!

Only this is critical:

- same GAIA OS version

- same CCP protocol (multicast/broadcast)

- same operating system (32 bit /64 bit)

- same ipv4 core instances

- same ipv6 core instances

- a license (full license or HA)


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I can confirm that different RAM size for cluster members does not affect cluster functionality.

We had in production cluster where the first member had 16 GB and the second member had 32 GB. Cluster was working just fine. We didn't notice different RAM size for about 3 years 😄

Kind regards,
Jozko Mrkvicka