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ClusterXL Load Sharing Limitations with Threat Extraction

Hi all, i've been configuring a ClusterXL in Load Sharing Unicast Mode but i have a issue. ClusterXL cannot work with Threat Extraction in load sharing unicast mode "The message said that Threat Extraction only Work with ClusterXL HA mode (Active/Standby), if anyone know about this please help.


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Re: ClusterXL Load Sharing Limitations with Threat Extraction

This is listed in the product documentation as not supported.

Specifically: Threat Prevention R80.10 (Part of Check Point Infinity) under the heading "Configuring Threat Extraction in a Cluster".

A single gateway needs to receive all the traffic related to the document transfer to ensure all potentially unsafe elements can be removed.

This also applies to many other Threat Prevention capabilities as well unless "Chain Forwarding" is enabled (which reduces overall performance).

See also: Security features do not work in Asymmetric Routing scenario