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inside SandBlast Mobile Saturday
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How can I import devices to SandBlast Mobile Dashboard?

I don't have MDM/EMM, and I would like to import a list of 35 devices to SandBlast Mobile Dashboard. How can I do that? Yuval Sered​ Oded Yarkoni​ Ricardo Panez​
Pedro_Marques inside SandBlast Mobile Tuesday
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Import devices on Sandblast Mobile error

Hi, I'm having trouble importing devices to Sandblast Mobile, created CSV file like it's is asked but still receive the error in the screenshot bellow. Can anyone send some template so i can find what i'm doing wrong ?
Dor_Marcovitch inside SandBlast Mobile 2 weeks ago
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Reverse Proxy Feature of MOB (R80.10)

i am trying to figure out how the Reverse Proxy works "under the hood".the only information is from sk110348.If my MOB Portal is on: have an ActiveSync application for our mobile phones on the FQDN:
sujit inside SandBlast Mobile 3 weeks ago
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Required application(s) not found: Require CheckPoint/Sandblast Protect iOS :com.checkpoint.capsulep

Users are receiving warning mails - "Required application(s) not found: Require CheckPoint/Sandblast Protect iOS :com.checkpoint.capsuleprotect".any help is appreciate.thanks in advance
MattDunn inside SandBlast Mobile 4 weeks ago
views 73

Sandblast Mobile Device Events Query

Hi all,I have some questions regarding Sandblast Mobile.  I presume I'm missing something as there appears at the moment to be some disconnects within the WebUI.  For example, in the Events & Alerts tab I have a list of stuff, but us...
inside SandBlast Mobile 4 weeks ago
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Rate & Review SandBlast Mobile Protect

Our customers’ opinions are extremely important to us.  Over the last year and a half, we've launched several new features within the SandBlast Mobile Protect app to enhance the user experience in addition to all the new security features we ...
idhammer inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-03-19
views 270 4 1

CK for SandBlast Mobile

Hi all,Anyone know how CK for SBM is assigned?Is it different CK for each device, or same CK for one single order?For example, I'm ordering 100 x CP-MTP-DVC-1Y (per device). Will all of them have same or different CK?Thanks in advance.
idhammer inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-03-19
views 91

SBM Service Status

Hi all.In checking CheckPoint Service Status, I am refering to this: can't find SandBlast Mobile there. Anyone know where to look?(Why I need the status: to correspond with SBM's SLA stating the service uptime is equ...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-02-28
views 172

February 2019 Release Notes Bulletin

Granular Policies is now GAONP: Full URL prevention over HTTP for malicious sitesONP: FaceTime connectivity issue resolvedONP: Man-in-the-Middle attack prevention (early availability)
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-02-26
views 246

ONP: Man-in-the-Middle attack prevention (early availability)

On-device Network Protection's MitM protection will now provide prevention, not just detection and a user warning.This feature enables users to keep working securely without requiring them to change networks during Man-in-the-Middle attacks.This f...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-02-26
views 184

ONP: FaceTime connectivity issue resolved

With the release of SandBlast Mobile Protect v3.3, an interoperability issue between On-device Network Protection and Apple's FaceTime app that caused connectivity issues has been resolved.Users only need to update to the latest SandBlast Mob...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-02-26
views 280 1

ONP: Full URL prevention over HTTP for malicious sites

On-device Network Protection now blocks access to phishing, malicious, or other site categories based on URL inspection.Previously, blocking was based on the fully qualified domain name, but now ONP will block based on full HTTP URL as well as ful...
George_Rabidin1 inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-02-24
views 145

How to change server address?

Hi all. How can I change the server address in the email customization? The default <Server Address PLACEHOLDER> is used, but in the actual mail "gw" is mentioned.
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-02-22
views 234 2

Some questions about the Capsule Workspace

Hi allDoes anybody know the answer as below questions about the Capsule Workspace?1.Can we support the mobile user can not screen scraping in the capsule workspace?If can, then how to achieve it?2. Can the workspace users change their AD password ...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-01-29
views 338 1

January 2019 Release Notes Bulletin

Deprecation of Legacy Android SMiShing ProtectionSandBlast Mobile Protect App End of Support for Versions Lower than 2.60