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SandBlast Mobile

Check Point's solution for Enterprise Mobile Security.

ari3ll3_ inside SandBlast Mobile Thursday
views 92

SB Mobile Protect Client unable to log in

Hi,  I have a user who is unable to sign in/register her Sandblast Protect client.  When we try to login using Microsoft Intune as an option, it will just pick up the account from the authenticator and after a while will prompt to the login page. If the user register using the credentials she is get...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2020-01-17
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How to apply new license for SandBlast Mobile dashboard?

1. Go to -> Winning the security market -> product evaluation-> Create new evaluation license for SandBlast Mobile2. Login to SandBlast Mobile dashboard 3. Go to Settings -> License Management and click Apply New4. Then use your User Center account...
XBensemhoun inside SandBlast Mobile 2020-01-08
views 8675 5 2

SMBv2-v3 on Mobile Access File Share (and not only SMBv1 - CIFS)

Hi,I've found some unclear information regarding Server_Message_Block versions supported on mobile-access-blade file-share functionality.What is unclear? We have "A file share defines a collection of files (...) such as SMB for Windows" in the MobileAccess Admin Guide R77 or in the sk104577 ATRG: Mo...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2020-01-05
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How to open a SandBlast Mobile Trial Dashboard? a Step-by-Step guide

So you decided to open a SandBlast Mobile Trial Dashboard? This is how you do it!Go To -> Click on Menu -> Click on “User Center”(Optional Phase) – If you don’t have User Center account:If you are a customerEnter your detailsClick “To create an account click here”Click “Ex...
Rajanikant_Chat inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-11-07
views 406

How to enable UDM portal on top of R80.10 Management server(Dedicated for udm only)?

Hi All,I have a requirement for a customer to implement on prim solution for check Point sandblast Mobile. I did try to install sandblast mobile connector on the dedicated Management server but unable to find any document by which I can enable UDM_Portal on to it.I have already followed sk116412 but...
Kim_Moberg inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-10-15
views 612 2 2

Sandblast Mobile Collect logs for iOS

Hi,I haven't been able to find any ways to collect logs in Sandblast Mobile running iOS 13.1.2I am running Sandblast Mobile ver. 3.5.580.Having issues streaming Netflix movies from the iOS Netflix app to AppleTV.When having Network Protection enabled I and my users experiencing issues ...
NilsKS inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-09-20
views 467

SMTP Office 365

Hi, I am trying to configure SMTP in Sandblast Mobile. We're using Office 365 so I tried this setup: Ref., this does not work.... Verificat...
iosman123 inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-09-10
views 653 3 1

Anyone using CheckPoint SandBlast Mobile Security App?.

Hello, I'm looking for some actual real-world tangible everyday reviews of CheckPoint "SandBlast" mobile security app for iOS and Android. Our Cybersecurity team is considering testing/evaluating it, and maybe asking for my input on how to integrate that into our MDM deployment, etc.But all I'm find...
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-08-27
views 670 3

Usability: Check Point Protect notification that gives no insight nor recommends further action

Last night, I got a Check Point Protect notification on my Pixel 3a. It says: "Security Analysis is in progressAbnormal app install rate detected" This obviously concerned me. I didn't install anything in my sleep. Was my machine hacked? I went to look for more information. 1. The notification had n...
Ankur_Datta inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-08-02
views 409

SandBlast Mobile Training : Not getting option to move to next slide

Hi Team, I was doing Sandblast Mobile training but cannot get option to move to next slide. Can anyone from checkpoint can have a look and help please. Attaching the screenshot. Thanks
Milos_Fiala inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-07-14
views 880 2

SandBlast Mobile Application

Hi, we switch distrubition of mobile application via MDM from Android Legacy to Android Enterprise mode.So in AE application mode cannot check hole device but only workspace.Dear CheckPoint when you plan change this?We recommend that the aplication check hole device because we have integration to Ai...
SheldonJawline inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-07-08
views 1036 1

Anyone using CheckPoint SandBlast Mobile Security App ?

I'm looking for some actual real-world tangible everyday reviews of CheckPoint "SandBlast" mobile security App for iOS and Android. Our Cybersecurity team is considering testing/evaluating it,. and may be asking for my input on how to integrate that into our MDM deployment,etc.But all I'm finding fo...
HS inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-06-27
views 3064 4

Check Point SandBlast Mobile 3.4

Hi,Anyone has a documentation about the SandBlast Mobile 3.4 release.Are the Client affect with this relase ? It's necessary to deploy sandblast mobile to endpoints?Thank you very much for your help.
inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-06-16
views 2306 2 4

White Paper - Healthcare: Mobile Security

Author @Ed_Gonzalez  Abstract: Protection for mobile devices that have patient care applications requires a modern solution to prevent an attack. Providing continuous enhancements to the product is also essential because of the rapid nature of modern cyber-attacks. It needs to evolve over time to in...
Jan_Kurdik inside SandBlast Mobile 2019-06-15
views 1353 1

Sandblast Mobile removed malwares

Hello All,Does anybody know what Malware Removed in My Apps view means and how can i find more information/logs about that?There are currenty ten removed Malwares on my Android phone as you can see in attached file, but no events in Sandblast Mobile Dashboard.I have check Sandblast Mobile Documents ...