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"Your Sandblast for Office365 Mail report" shows no activity

For the past two days, the daily "Your Sandblast for Office365 Mail report" has reported No General Activity, no emails, no files. Needless to say, it is unlikely this report is accurate.this happened a few weeks ago and then with no remediating a...

How can I switch off a notification from Threat Emulation?

Good day! How can I switch off a notification file from Threat Emulation? I mean if TE removes an attachment from a mail, it will sent to user a file with the message "Original attachment (unsafe string) was found to be malicious." inste...
Kim_Moberg inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-08-09
views 4539 5 20

Sandblast for Office 365 Log Transport Agent

Hi,I have been reading the administration guide for Sandblast Cloud, and I want to push logs to our gateway mgmt log server on R80.10.I am confused about why it is mention installation on linux or windows. doesnt it run on gateway mgmt?Text f...
IT_Admins_Nicol inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-07-15
views 3394 3 6

Sandblast Cloud license renewal

hello, we are using checkpoint sandblast cloud and our license is almost expired. We have requested a renewal ( 1 year ) from our partner. Are there any actions that need to performed in order to activate the license ?
Danny inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-06-05
views 3408 2 15

Cloud Geo Restriction and Scheduled Maintenance?

Check Point Services Status writes: Scheduled Maintenance in Frankfurt data center May 6, 2018 07:00-09:00 UTC Upgrading Frankfurt data center network infrastructure. During this time all cloud traffic will be routed to US data center - degrade...
Gianluca_Giorda inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-05-24
views 4343 4 15

configuring sandblast cloud for office365

Hi teamlooking at how to implement sandblast cloud for O365 in the administration guide, I find "SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 uses the native Microsoft API and requires that you configure MX records to reroute email to an MTA (Mail Transfer...
MCG_Alerting inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-05-09
views 3343 1 9

Problem with attachment write in Polish

I'm using the sandblast for office365 I worked for an international company which have a local antenna in Poland.When we use threat extraction with text in polish (like pdf or docx,...), the result of the extraction is strange becasuse some charac...
Marco_Coletti inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-04-03
views 3676 2 8

License Key for SandBlast Cloud?

We use Carbon Black Protect (formerly Bit9) in our environment and are looking to test its integration with Check Point. In the Carbon Black config is a section for enabling a 'Connector' for Check Point. We want to enable this to take advantage o...
Haim_Harush inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2018-02-01
views 325 2 10

License not released

Hello,I've a client who complain about "lost" licenses, by lost he mean that even if a mailbox is deleted or excluded from the policy , used licenses does not decrease. as far as i know there is an auto update/sync between O365 and SB Cloud which ...

Two factor authentication - Sandblast Cloud

Hi team, could someone please let me know if there is a way to implement the two factor authentication for the sandblast cloud manager? Thanks

Cloud O365 Questions.

I currently have 2 questions about cloud office 365, thank you if you can help me solve them.1) What is the difference between the action allow and accept, I currently have the policy in prevent and I see this constant traffic.2) currently my clie...

Sandblast TE250X on premises engine Release 6.9/55.990001702 not available

As per sk95235 engine Release  6.9/55.990001702 is available since 26 Sep 2017 and for  Deployment: 26/09-10/10.My TE250X engine remain is version in 6.8.2/54.990001557.What does mean Deployment: 26/09-10/10 ? The engine availa...
inside SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 2017-08-14
views 413 2 2

Sandblast for O365 licensing

Hi All Experts,   I have a customer who is interested to our Sandblast for O365 service. His company have 1000 mailboxes on O365 but he want to buy 50 licenses to their VIP end users first. Is it possible? And how we can manage those 50 ...

The Blackhole of Office 365: 45-day Security Challenge

At this very moment, your inbox and social media account are probably cluttered with promises for the latest quick fix or magical pill that turns you into a lean, mean version of your self in just 30 days. In the same vain, many organizations have...