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Sandblast Endpoint R80.20 partitioning assistance



I'm looking for some assistance around partition sizes when deploying the Sandblast agent to around 4000 users. I received feedback on roughly the size of the mgmt. and policy servers but nothing on the partitioning on the mgmt server. I'm fairly new to the Sandblast agent and need some guidance in how to partition the mgmt. and proxy servers.

Specs for the mgmt. server would be a VM with 8 cores, 64Gb of ram and a 1TB HDD. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Re: Sandblast Endpoint R80.20 partitioning assistance

If you're referring to disk partitioning, the general requirements for network/Endpoint Management should be in the release notes and/or install guide.
If this isn't what you mean, please clarify.
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