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Internet Explorer SBA4B with local Sandblast


Maybe someone had a similar problem.

We have a local sandblast appliance and SBA with SBA4B in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

We tried to download file using these browsers. All is working when we download file in the Chrome, and I can see connections with sandblast in the Wireshark. But when we try to download file in the IE, there are no connections with sandblast and downloading freezes.

How can we fix it? The client version is E80.87.

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Re: Internet Explorer SBA4B with local Sandblast

Maybe the company has intranet sites that require IE - but to use a browser from the year 2013 with a current market share of ca. 3,01 % that will never see a newer version...


Re: Internet Explorer SBA4B with local Sandblast

You may also want to try the latest version E80.90 as I recall seeing some reports this issue might be solved.

Otherwise, I suggest a TAC case.

How To Open a Case with TAC and/or Account Services

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Re: Internet Explorer SBA4B with local Sandblast

The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser - Microsoft Tech Community - 331732 

I think it's time to leave IE. We have similar problems with us, we resolve this by going to Google Chrome. Sandblast for Chrome works great. Unfortunately Sandblast for IE has big problems.

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