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How to remove ransomware pos infection

Dear colleagues,

We have a company in angola that got Ransomware and as expected had no backup. They contacted me asking for help to solve the problem.

Do we have any way to solve a post-infection with the end point?

We could sell, install the endpoint to remove the threat, but would it install with the infected machine?

As far as I know, after infecting if encrypted the files were already ... the only solution would be to remove the ransonware and protect it from happening any more.

What is the recommendation to clean the machines before installing the endpoint?

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Re: How to remove ransomware pos infection


Unfortunately, if the machine was already infected and the files were encrypted before Sandblast Agent was installed, there is nothing we can do in order to restore the encrypted files.

The best way would be to reimage the machine, and install the endpoint protection afterwards.



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Re: How to remove ransomware pos infection

What kind of ransomware was it? There are few decryptors out there based on leaked or reverse engineered by the researchers which can help.

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Re: How to remove ransomware pos infection

Maybe worth to have a look here:

Also this post is useful  

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