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Checkpoint Sandblast appliance PoC


How to make Sandblast TE1000x appliance PoC safe way without affecting customer's Production network. Customer has Email server in their local network. 

In my opinion, i need Mirror mode deployment. But in this situation we need also make EMAIL emulation. I don't know what configs will be made on their local email server side.

If anyone has a PoC guide document latest version. Please share.

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Re: Checkpoint Sandblast appliance PoC

If you want to run in a Mirror Port configuration, you should start here:

To do email emulation reliably, you have to be in MTA mode, which you can't really do in a mirror port configuration.
For mirror port mode to even work, the SMTP traffic must not be TLS encrypted.

Highly recommend engaging with your local Check Point office for assistance.

Re: Checkpoint Sandblast appliance PoC

As your suggest, i should go by this deployment.


But I don't really know, What changes will made on production MTA (Production email SMTP server).


I am considering a 

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